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Pushed to the limit November 1st

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It's been a very hectic week. I'm the Primary President in our church unit and last Sunday was our Sacrament Primary Program. The kids did great and sang wonderfully. They gave great talks. I rewarded them in our Primary Sharing time with mini pizzas I whipped up while they were in Sunday School. I used split English Muffins with pizza sauce and topped with Mozzarella cheese. I've had these since the 1960's but no one else including their teachers had ever seen such a simple thing. The kids loved them! We then played singo bingo. I created a bingo card and in each square I put the name of a song. I used a list of 20 of their favorites. I had the 20 songs on little slips of paper and read them off until someone bingo'ed and then they got to select a song to sing. We had great fun and our hour went ever so quickly. Then on Wednesday night the Primary was in charge of the Unit Fall Festival. We used to have a Activities director but don't any more so each organization takes a turn. We kept things very simple! We did a pot luck dinner and had made reward ribbons- 8 categories for desserts. After dinner we enlisted the young Women's organization to have games for the children. After that we had a homemade pinata(a pumpkin) filled with candy for the kids. Every one pitched in and helped clean up afterwards. Then today, Saturday we had our Primary Quarterly Activity. We had a "Hold to the Rod" activity for the kids. The "Rod" being the scriptures. We had the "Tree of Life" where we go to return to our Heavenly Father. We had the black river and Tall and spacious building where we get tempted and turn lose of the rod and follow temptations. We had great fun with the kids and we all learned a lot about how we can quickly be led astray but if we think about it before hand we can be like our Savior Jesus and "Hold to the Rod".

All of that in one week was enough to drain me but I also had hours of home schooling my daughters and I also had to keep up the farm. We are finishing up our last couple of garden beds for next year. I'm so tired of hefting all those center blocks and 40 to 65 lb bags to fill them. We also finished up the metal roof and part of the siding on the new horse barn that was started this year. My DH is only home on the weekends. He's Active Duty in Missouri Air national guard. He was going all over the World but in April he came home and had a phical and they discovered he had cancer. It was caught early and everything looks good at this point but now he will be active duty until he retires and will stay in St Joseph MO during the week and come home on weekends and holidays. the kids and I are excited because he was suppose to be headed to Houston Tx for 2 years and we would of only seen him a couple times each year. But anyway i still have most of the work to deal with my self but the horse barn he's mostly been doing himself on weekends with the kids. We'll finish it next year. I know we're not quite where we need to be but I sure and ready for winter to set in! I'll look forward to the little slower season. Well ok, it's a farm and we have livestock so winter will get real old pretty fast too! But I'm still looking forward t a little slower time!

I did enjoy being out on a walk and seeing the wild life making their own preparations for winter. We had such a beautiful sun set tonight. And the big bonus today is we get to set our clocks back! Oh I'm so excited! I get an extra hour to sleep tonight! I really need it! I so love Sunday's! While church keeps me busy it's the Lord's work and not the hard physical labor I have the rest of the week. The only labor we have the kids do and it takes them about 1 hour to feed and water the livestock on Sundays. Hope you all enjoy your extra hour tonight!

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Sounds like you have a busy week. Nice you and the kids are able to take some time to enjoy life. Hope that your husband is in good health and that the cancer is not one that he can not overcome.
  2. beansthemama's Avatar
    You had a lot going on. I used to homeschool my oldest. Just was too much for me! You are doing a great job!
  3. Liss's Avatar
    Wow, sounds like you've been extremely busy, but enjoying yourself too, which is important. Just think, when things start to slow down, you'll be looking forward to spring hitting so you can get out and do something again.
  4. brchbell's Avatar
    My husband goes in Tuesday for his next check up. The 1st went well so hopefully it will continue as well!
  5. JoAnn's Avatar
    brchbell, You'll be in my prayers ---Tuesday for your husband checkup. And the continuing check ups. Keep us posted.