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So Follow-up on the Large Family

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I wrote a bit ago about how we need to have a place for people who have to cook for a large group of people. And to make sure we have enough food to feed the bottomless pits.
And maybe tips to share.
And tricks.
Recipes too would be good.

I was going to start a thread about this and see what ideas we resourceful members can come up with, or modifications to ideas already on this web site. But apparently I do not know how to start one.

My biggest help is actually 2 things--a pre-printed grocery list and meal planning 2 weeks at a time.

Allows the family to just circle what we need, and allows me to see what I have planned, look to see what I have, and to add what I need to the list--or know if I can make it myself.

So if I get a thread started I will let you know, but until then, comment below with what you do to help stay on budget.

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  1. bamo72's Avatar
    Course I just saw they have a large family recipe section--can't wait for more in it.
  2. Smile7's Avatar
    I generally make our bread, it takes work but saves us quite a bit - about a dollar per loaf. I have a couple different recipes, some take less than an hour to get four loaves of bread. Somehow the homemade stuff disappears fast, but sticks with you better than the store-bought white bread. We have nine in our house. My three oldest are 13,14 and 15 and all boys. I can use all the help I can get. Most recipes call for a lot of expensive things in them and we can't afford that since I stay at home, though I do watch a couple of kids for some extra money.
  3. Smile7's Avatar
    Can you tell me where the large family recipe section is?
  4. Liss's Avatar
    The Lots of Kids/Big families section is here: - - Lots of Kids- Big Families | Cutting Grocery Expenses for Large Familes

    The majority of our recipes can simply be doubled, but I generally don't cook for more than 4-6 people at a time.
  5. bamo72's Avatar
    Liss-I know the recipes can be double but when you use alot of purchased items like cream soup or cream cheese and start doubling it, it can get expensive. Though, honestly this site does show how you can make alot of your own things too. I have a cream of anything recipe that uses flour instead of corn starch which I like better and have not bought cream soup in like 6 months.
    Smile 7-I agree with the bread machine. Unfortunately my machine is a dinosaur and the loaf pan is just crazy shaped. I do use it to make fluffy hamburger buns on the weekend along with pretzel buns and my kids inhale them as well. This also helps cut down cost.
    I have a large crew to cook for to--up to nine as well depending if one of them wants to "visit" around dinner time. Ages range from 20 down to 10, with my biggest kid (my hubby) eating enough for two by himself.
  6. Smile7's Avatar
    I make my bread in the oven. I do four loaves at a time. And I also try to avoid canned soups at all cost. I've been looking into making my own everything - canned things (like pork and beans, refried beans) and spices and mixes. I figure they save me a lot and also I know what's in them.
  7. bamo72's Avatar
    I make my own season salt, taco seasoning, cream soup, bisquick type mix, tomato sauce, broth, and baked goods. I need to get back into canning, but I need to figure out the growing season up here in the cold north. Do you use the bread dough for any other recipes?