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2014 is going to fast!

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Well at our daughters request we delayed having Christmas until New Years Day. We all enjoyed it and those who waited for last minute gifts enjoyed to big after Christmas sales. My baby girl is getting married this Saturday so things are getting very crazy here. She was making her own wedding dress and it didn't turn out. She went to thrift stores and found a skirt and top she really liked and was going to use that but her twin sister woke up all impressed to redo the failed dress and it really turned out lovely. She really went to town slicing it up and redoing it and we are so very proud of her for saving the day and giving her sister a very special dress. The building we had reserved for months got frozen water lines and flooded the building. Our future SIL went scrambling to find another building and has a back up plan and we are still waiting to hear if the building will be usable by Saturday morning. Anything to keep us on our toes! We got the decorations all done up and the flowers are made for the cake. The girls place of work closed last night and they have to go help pack it out this morning and then they will be gone. They reserved a hotel in Kansas City for the whole week so they aren't drink all over. I was going to stay with them starting Thursday but their big bachelorite party will be on Thursday so I'll make the 2 hour drive to meet them at 7:30 am Friday to get things taken care of. Our other daughter went back to school yesterday, so guess we will be empty nesters for about 3 months. The gas station the girls worked out is putting in a new building so they transferred everyone that is staying on to other stores. Most are going to Des Moines but our daughter is going to St Joseph, MO. She'll stay with her brother there and come home on weekends. So if I can survive this week, I'll get to enjoy some peace and quiet for a few months!

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  1. cecilj's Avatar
    Good luck to you and your daughters.