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Here I go......

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Oy vey! Sorry, that is my first thought as I stare at the screen trying to decide what to type. I'm excited about this, but also very nervous. Please bare with me as I muddle my way through this rabbit hole I decided to jump through head first.
I guess I should introduce myself first. LOL.
My name is Corinne, but I prefer to be called Rin. I'm a mother to a handsome, stubborn, smart, rambunctious boy who loves to keep me on my toes. I'm a wife to a wonderful and aggravating man who also loves to keep me on my toes. (Can you see a trend?) I'm also a daughter of a very strong woman who has inspired me to everyday to be better than I was the day before. For a few years I was a stay at home mom, struggling to find some steady ground in the earthquake of motherhood. It is recently that I have started back to work, but I'm about 95% stay at home mom. I am still struggling to be a good mother, but from what my mom has told me, it will always be a worry.
I'm going to keep this short, but I will be back and with time will probably share so much more.

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  1. lawebb's Avatar
    Hi Rin,
    I'm new to this too. I posted a comment/question about the famous laundry sauce. I need opinions and thoughts on whether or not to make it. I'm a newbie so I thought I'd welcome you newbie to newbie. Is there room for 2 of us in your rabbit hole? I am divorced (for several years). I have 3 children : Laura, 26 married with 4 children, Lindsey 20 still at home getting ready for college and Andrew, 17 in high school. He's my Asperger's genius. He is my joy. I also have 4 grand children. Theresa 7, Tommy 6, Cecilia 2, and Justice 1. I am a surgical nurse by profession. My hobbies are astrophysics, science, history, and I also knit. I know, strange combination. I have reached a point in my life where I have finally become comfortable with the fact that I will probably spend the rest of my life on my own and that's ok. I'm a very independent person anyway. Keeps fighting over bed covers a non problem. I forgot. I also have 2 fur kids. Annie and Bennie. They are Staffordshire Terriers. Most people call them Pit Bulls but there is really no such breed. They are like having toddlers in the house again. They play and pout and fight for attention. Bennie reminds me of Scooby Doo. Laid back. Not a care in the world. Annie is a bit more serious. She is also a therapy dog. I sometimes take her to visit children or the elderly at hospitals or senior centers. Well, this may not be the place to do this but I just wanted to say hello and if I broke any rules I apologize Liss. It's nice to meet your Rin. Be well.
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    Welcome to the site Rin! Hope to hear from you again!