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saving money

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I am really enjoying this site! I am learning a lot from here! I just want to say thanks to everyone and their different ways to save money!

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Yes there are so many ways to save money on this great site! Hope you visit often and post here again!
  2. tinab's Avatar
    When I first found this site, I thought, "Oh great, just another worthless site, full of useless stuff." Then, I started looking at the different topics,and as I clicked on them, I realized this site was different and the things I have tried as actually saved me both time and money. I love this site.
  3. tinab's Avatar
    I love the jar gift ideas. I have actually filled several jars for my own family to use. I couldn't believe how much money and time these recipes have saved me. I have found so much useful information on this site.