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Happy New Years Eve

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Wishing everyone a very blessed end to 2013 and may 2014 be even better for you all. We are ending this year on a sad note in our family but we will make the best of it. Prayers would be welcome. My Step-Dad has advanced stages of Pancreatic Cancer so time is very short.

We are still digging out of debt one spoonful at a time. Slowly but surely. The medical bills I have certainly do not help, and with the O-Care debacle all I can say is what a mess. My Dr. retired and I have to find a new one. So that is on my New Years to do list. Also on my New Years to do list ------ CRAFTING!

Yes Crafting! I am going to be making clay and resin jewelry cabochons, beading, and painting! I am also going to clean my house 1 room at a time from top to bottom. I have 2 birds that need a new home. Prayers that I can find one for them would be helpful. My health doesn't allow me to keep them, but re-homing them is going to be difficult. I have had them both for over 14 years.

To everyone here best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year and may God Bless you all with His never ending Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness.

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  1. Barbararuth's Avatar
    Our prayers are sent your way.
  2. bethaliz6894's Avatar
    I Hope all goes peaceful for your step dad. I know this is a very bad disease. One word of advise for the medical bills, Call the hospital on 1-2-2014 and ask for charity. They have to give so much every year. The sooner in the year you call, the better chance you have of getting charity and the more the bill will be covered. When they hit the limit about mid year, the amount they will give you is slim to nill even if you do qualify.

    I hope you have a peaceful and relaxing New Year.
  3. kerryh's Avatar
    Prayers to you and your family.