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Hi I am new to Budget101 and am looking for ways to save money, new recipes, tips and tricks, share ideas and to make new friends. I live in Florida and I have a fabulous husband, two awesome sons and a beautiful Siamese cat named Freddie (Fred Astaire). I work at a local college as an Administrative Assistant and I enjoy anything craft related, I crochet, scrapbook, paint, and ceramics. Love to take walks and read a good book or watch movies. Life is good and I am blessed. Hope to hear from any and all bloggers. Happy New Year Everyone.

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  1. Lorilhaverne's Avatar
    Hello Cinderellla, I live in Indiana and I am waiting for the first snow of the new year ( 1-3 inches). I enjoy all needle crafts and meeting new friends on line. I am just getting started on this site and it looks like great fun. Happy New Year!!