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I hope everyone was able to enjoy happy holidays, regardless of which ones you chose to celebrate! You might have noticed that we haven't shared any new recipes the last few days, it's not because we haven't been cooking, it's because my oven decided to die. I diagnosed the issue and looked up the part only to discover that it cost about half of what it would cost to buy a new range altogether.
I happened to be baking a pie to bring to a gathering and couldn't for the life of me figure out what I did wrong when I went to take the pie out and it was still raw after nearly 60 minutes. I thought that I must've accidentally set the timer wrong, which just didn't seem right at all, so I set it for an extra 15 minutes, and then another 15 minutes and then another and after 2 hours and 10 minutes it was finally ALMOST done. What?! I've cooked items on a basement bulkhead in the sunshine faster than this!

Unfortunately, that was NOT the only major appliance/ item that decided to croak on us this week. When the weather finally decided to go back to normal temperatures one half of our house was extremely chilly, it would appear that our gas fireplace has also met its untimely demise. So, it would appear that we're looking at about $1,000 in repairs/replacements this week. Not so frugal!

This in itself has set me back a bit for work, but today I got some fantastic news. The last week or so we've been noticing bright neon orange spraypainted marks along the roadside... and today one of my neighbors saw a couple guys working at the end of her driveway and she went out and inquired as to what they were doing... they are FINALLY Installing DSL in our area! We've been on MiFi cards and Dial up years & years! We tried costly satellite service with Hughesnet and Wildblue (both of which were a complete nightmare!) . . . the kicker is that Hi-speed WiFi is free Citywide less than 5 miles from our house, but we were still unable to get DSL.

I was practically dancing the jig when I read my neighbors post that DSL was headed our way! What a fantastic day this has turned out to be. Having already maxed out my multiple mifi cards for the month, they've throttled my service and I'm connecting at less than dial up speed at the moment, hence the reason for only a few freebies, it's taking 3-5 minutes per page to load the internet today.

It's certainly been a wild week for us!

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  1. JudieR's Avatar
    I'm so glad to hear your holidays ended on an "UP" note. Some appliance parts places do have used parts that they take from dead appliances. Maybe check some of those out?
  2. kmeot's Avatar
    My oven also decided to give up the ghost....but it was well used cooking for my 6 children! I took advantage of some local sales and hope to explore many new recipes from you!!
  3. wilbe95's Avatar
    What did you do with the stove? Did you get it repaired or a new one?