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Just started using this site. Very interested in learning about natural and home made products. Recently made the laundry detergent in mason jars. Haven't tested it out yet. Have made my own body butters and soaps. Hope this site can give me more options.

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  1. Delanrn's Avatar
    Hello, I'm new here and glad to have found this site. I love creating and making my own concoctions. Recently found a home made laundry detergent recipe that I'm really happy with---bye-bye my faithful Tide. Sad to see you go but happy to have the extra 'cha-ching' in my pocket.
    I have recently lost my job after 20 years (same company, same position). This site looks like it may to be a great go-to place for saving on expenses. Please feel free to post any tips for me on how to navigate this site. Thank you in advance!
  2. shelleyt224's Avatar
    I myself just made the laundry sauce and have washed a few loads, so far so good.