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Fast Food Revolt, $15 an Hr, & Working like dogs

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I don't how many of you have been watching the news lately and seeing the latest Fast Food revolution- fast food workers who are protesting because they want $15 an hour to do their jobs. I'm not quite sure at which point people decided they wanted to make more money than those who earned a college degree and having worked in the service industry for a number of years, I can honestly say, this is bunk. My own kid works at a Sonic Drive In and he works his tail off,. . . (another pet peeve I'll divulge in a moment). . . but for now, I find it appalling that people in this entry level position are complaining and expecting to make $15 an hour. Where exactly do they think this money is going to come from? The $1 burgers and corndogs that are being sold? It's not going happen folks, unless you want to pay $15 per person for slimy fried "food-like" items when you go through a drive through!

Now that I've vented a moment on that, let me voice another pet peeve... why are these places open on Holidays? Seriously, WHO eats burgers and corndogs on Christmas day?? My 17 year old son is scheduled for Yule, Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. He put in for 1 holiday off, just one and was denied. I am not a happy momma right now. We've done everything possible to teach our kids to work hard for what they want but they also need to learn that family time is important as well. This particular location needs help badly, but the manager isn't willing to train anyone so they only have 2 cooks, my son - who is a full time student dual enrolled in High School and College and a 20-something fellow. They're open until at least midnight every day of the week and my son frequently doesn't get home until 1:30 am from work and then gets up and heads to the Elementary school to mentor a group of challenged kids before he heads to his own classes, then wrestling practice, then work. The kid is barely getting 5 hours of sleep a day and can't even get time off on a holiday to spend it at home! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

A few months ago I posted a GoFundMe to help him raise the money he needs to pay for his first year of college because the kid already works his rear end off and a lady posted, "maybe he should get another job". I've never wanted to climb through a computer screen and strangle someone before, but I can honestly say, that day, I'd have given anything to meet that woman in person.

The process of seeking out legit scholarships is frustrating, at best. Our experiences with the schools "Guidance" department is a joke, they don't seem to have ANY college information available at all; It speaks to the degradation of our educational system. In all, if you're a parent of a graduation senior who aspires to go above and beyond, chances are, you're probably on your own to figure out the financing. This is supposed to be the season of giving and spending time with families and right now I'm just forging ahead, trying to keep calm and carry on.

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  1. Barbararuth's Avatar
    When I started working you did not tell them what you wanted, they told you what they paid and that was it. I remember working for less than $2.00 an hour. When minimum wage was raised to $2.00 the place I was at did not want to pay that much. Times have sure changed.
  2. bethaliz6894's Avatar
    I started working I had a job that paid 4.25. I hired in more than minimum wage and I was thrilled. No way could I raise a family or have a house with what McDonalds and other fast food pays people. However, those jobs were never meant for life. you used that as a stepping stone. Get an education and work your way up the ladder. Most people that work in fast food here cant evens peak English. I have a degree from a trade school. I am in the Medical field. I barely make more than 15.00 an hour. Do you want someone poking a needle in your vein that makes what Burger king's employees make? The doctor wont be able to pay me more money. People complain the medical cost are to high now. If the minimum wage is raised, I will qualify for food stamps.
  3. TxB17Lady's Avatar
    I recently retired, after working for over 53 years. I have to say that I agree that the organization chooses what to pay and you can work there or not. $15.00 per hour may translate into $15.00 burgers, folks. That is just the way it works.