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Thank goodness for air bags!

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We all know about air bags and hope we never need them but I for one am very thankful for them today. My 20 year old daughter had just bought her 2014 Ford Focus 3 weeks ago. Her Sales representative took the time to show her how to set up her Blue tooth with her cell phone and had told her if she was ever in an accident it would automatically call 911 for her. It did in fact call 911 before the dust settled and she had 7 air bags. I'm grateful for ever one of them! She and her sister were coming home after work during an ice storm and a car had stopped on a bridge and right in front of them they saw the car pull out and hit an on coming car and things went flying. They slowed but knew on an ice covered bridge they couldn't stop. They almost made it past when the spinning car struck them and shoved their car into the side of the bridge. A semi truck was next in line and he did an awesome job of sliding through the 3 car pile up with minimal damage (he shoved my daughter car further into the bridge) but made it through with out running anyone down. No one was seriously hurt and my daughters and one other person was transported to the hospital with lots of bruises and one broken arm. They both lost their eye glasses and the car is a total loss but we are all grateful for air bags today! We all know it could of been much worse.

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  1. Rondahs's Avatar
    Wow, sure glad everyone came out okay.
  2. Momma1976's Avatar
    Hello, brchbell! I'm a new member and just came a crossed your post. Wow! I'm so happy everyone is safe. That is awesome the representative showed her how to set the blue tooth up. That sounds like it was a nasty car accident, glad the airbags did their job and protected the passengers. I know its been a little bit since you posted this and I hope all is doing well.

  3. Barbararuth's Avatar
    I am glad your daughters were okay, nothing serious. I guess sometimes air bags can be good. I wish in our case it was. Our son was in an accident, the air bag went off, hit him in the neck and broke his neck. When his neck broke it partically cut spinal cord. He has been in wheelchair since. But I am glad that he is alive.
  4. worshipedwifey's Avatar
    So thankful that everyone came out with only bruises and scratches..