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Oh blessed rain!

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After a few years of drought it has been wonderful to have regular autumn rains coming through. I would be grateful for our regular winter snows and then Spring rains and getting back to normal. Even with rain falling I went out while it was misting and got the last 2 garden beds cleared of weeds and stuff that needed to be cleared out. This summer had turned me upside down and I was gone for weeks on end and orchard grass got into several of my beds. I have thirty six 4 X16' beds and this was also the first year I was the only one working in the garden. Somewhere in the middle of all my unexpected items that hit this summer I realized part of my garden had turned into a jungle and I really lost hope. I have two freezer piled up with stuff I need to can and am grateful to have cleared all my beds so we are ready to go into winter now. I have concord grapes growing on my fence and harvested only about of them to yield 4 gallons of juice which is in the freezer also. My husband is still recovering from his treatments and is doing much better. He is able to go up and down the stairs now and is enjoying being back in his "Man Cave" after not being able to go there for over 3 months. He's driving again and doing house work. He does the dishes for me so I have time to go do the outside work that needs to be done before winter.

So life is getting back to normal. We are expecting our first grandchild in May and our baby girl is getting married on January 18th. Her twin sister has decided to go on an 18 month mission and will be leaving in August. So I am looking forward to being an empty nester again next Fall.

I'm beginning to feel like I can breath again. Now I can start thinking about Christmas. I'm usually done by now and this year I haven't even started. So I have plenty to do to keep me busy for the next few weeks!


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