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It's a done deal!

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Gee it's been so long since I've been here I was trying to get here by putting in www.budgetoneoone and it actually took me 20 minutes to figure out what I was doing wrong! Anyway I made it here and was just giving you an update. My husband's cancer treatments ended today and we are both so very happy! Weeks of going to St Joseph, MO and staying all week and just coming home on the weekends was really taking a toll on us. Winter is approaching and I still have half the garden to clear out and the chicken coops to scrub out and get ready for winter. Budget is so very tight this year so I'm having to really think about the holidays ahead of time. I'll probably make up cook books for the kids this year. Several of them have really gotten into camping this year. I've shown them how to cook over an open fire and use a dutch oven so now they can use the camping cook book.

Well Life is good and we are doing well. Time will tell if we have gotten all the cancer this time. Hopefully I'll check back in much sooner too!


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  1. Ketsyc's Avatar
    I have learned recently that with cancer you rejoice with the good news. And take the bad news one day at a time. It seems impossible some days I know, just keep getting up and doing the wonderful things you enjoy. I know that you may have had to curtail activities because of the cancer, but try to have fun and enjoy each other's company every day. Much easier todo when the cancer is cured or in remission. I hope you receive all good news.