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We're a bit late in decorating for fall this year, usually I like to have our autumn decor up over Labor day weekend. It seems as the kids get older, our days get busier. I used to think things would calm as they aged and slow down, but the older they get, the faster time seems to fly.
Our youngest is now driving . . . and within the first 15 minutes of having this lovely new ability, a deer ran out in front of him! He handled it like a champ, but my heart is still pounding.

I digress, since we're a little late decorating, we're also a bit late getting to the orchard to pick Macs & Cortlands. These are New England varieties of apples. . . and as such, very very few orchards actually grow these varieties. So, we're on our way 4 hours from home to get these coveted fruits that just can't be beat by any other variety! Yes, I realize that this isn't exactly cost effective, but If I'm going to spend an entire weekend peeling & coring, canning and freezing apples in pies, fritters, turnovers, muffins, pancake mixes, etc I WANT My Favorite apple. LOL.

It's always an adventure, traipsing through the orchard, acres and acres of delicious smelling trees, honey bees buzzing around, and the smell of apple cider donuts filling the air. The orchard we go to is located in the Mountains and it's always beautiful to watch the colors of the trees changing, and the smells of fall in the air, the crispness, it just can't be beat.

But today we have to hurry back just a tad faster than normal, it's also dh birthday and Game Day- so we've got a houseful coming!

So that's what's on the Agenda for today . . what's going on in your neck of the woods this weekend?

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  1. my4mainecoons's Avatar
    Apple picking sounds like a fun family excursion for you guys! We go every year too, but we usually wait until the leaves are at their peak so we can take pictures. We're leaf peepers, lol

    I didn't realize macs and cortlands were New England apples, having grown up in New England, I just assumed they were available everywhere. I can't wait to see what new apple and pumpkin recipes appear on the site this fall, it's the best time of year on budget101!!
  2. Minty67's Avatar
    I'm From New England but live in the south, I miss my McCoun apples from Bishops Orchards in Guilford, Ct.
  3. Ketsyc's Avatar
    Growing up in Florida the only Apple Orchard I remember is a vacation trip to the Pocono's where my Grandparents lived. My Grandmother wanted to go get some fresh apple juice from the orchard so we all piled in cars (Grands, parents, and 5 not so anxious teens) and headed out. It was a huge surprise to find ourselves at the "factory" where they squeezed the apples by hand using a huge press that forced the apple juice through a screen and collected the juice. My grandma is long past into glory, but I always remember the joy on her face watching us not so smart teens, learn something new and enjoying ourselves as we learned what she already new. There is nothing that compares to doing it the old way.