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Blue feet

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Liss I just don't understand why ppl. think it is even possible for you to try all the DIT,MYO stuff that is going around on all the sites online. That in it's self is FUNNY !!! Good Luck liss. I hope your feet don't stay blue to long.. heheh.

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  1. Liss's Avatar
    Thanks! It lasted about 4 days, but I scrubbed it off like a mad fool. On another note, it did make my nails look pretty, lol. Very embarrassing though, when we got together with friends at their pool.
  2. my4mainecoons's Avatar
    I agree! I've been on the site for awhile and she bends over backwards to accomodate people and answer their questions. I think sometimes it's too much to ask of 1 person. I do have to say that I really did get a big laugh out of the blue feet thing though, sorry liss! hahahahahaha