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Homemade Laundry Sauce

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I tried the Homemade Laundry Sauce. I must have done something wrong because it turned out gritty. Also, I used Zote (instead of Fels Naptha) and it's WAXY. It did not look like mayo when I was finished. whaddup?

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Yah, we Really do Not recommend Zote.. you can read more about it here:

    Fels Naptha vs Zote - - Fels Naptha vs Zote | Laundry Challenge- Which one Cleans Better | DIY Laundry Recipes
  2. my4mainecoons's Avatar
    Zote is nasty stuff, it doesn't dissolve, it builds up on clothes and it's really just plain nasty. Try the recipe as it's written with the fels rather than substituting, you'll get amazing results that can't be beat.
  3. luckygal's Avatar
    I made this recipe. I wasn't sure I loved it for the first few loads. It sure isn't very sudsy, and I guess I need that to feel like the clothes are getting clean. So, I add just a small amount of regular laundry soap to get the little bit of suds that I need to see. What I have found though is that the clothes do indeed really smell much fresher now than they used to, which is what the original post stated. It removes the funky smell of my husband's clothes. The entire washer smells fresher, too.

    I had two problems while making this but I might've missed something. Followed the directions but missed where the jars should be turned on their sides. I only see the picture. I would want to turn it on its side much earlier due to the problem I ran into. I only bring this up because it would not whip up because the layers were pretty solid and would not budge. I had that blender smokin' and it still wouldn't whip all the contents. So now I will turn the jars on their sides much sooner to finish cooling so that doesn't happen. The first jar whipped up pretty uneventfully. The second one, not so much; it wouldn't whip at all. Had to take the jar off the blender, take jar apart and stick a spoon in there and break the layers apart, then put it all back together so it would whip correctly. PLEASE NOTE: If you have to do this, make sure you clean the jar lip, blade and blender bottom really, really well so it will seal again correctly. I learned this the hard way, too. I also had a mess, as the stuff came out when I flipped it over to attach it to the blender again. After I got done cleaning that mess up, then it whipped up just fine.

    One other thing, the Fels-Naptha soap is a wonderful pre-treater for stains you can see. I will always keep a bar around just for that reason. Thanks for the recipe. Overall, I am very happy with it.
  4. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by luckygal
    I made this recipe. I wasn't sure I loved it for the first few loads. It sure isn't very sudsy, and I guess I need that to feel like the clothes are getting clean..
    Suds are not an indication of clean, it's just a chemical that produces them and they are not necessary at all. If you're using 2 detergents at once, chances are you're using TOO much detergent and this will cause your clothes to take on a dingy appearance if you continue.

    As for the recipe, we recommend the Laundry Sauce for Dummies version- it's a no fail, simple step recipe that takes only 7 minutes and sure beats the original recipe!