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Halloween party details..and wonderful wonderful!!

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I had an exciting day at work Thursday with out costume contest. Our department all dressed as Zombies and we attemped to dance the Thriller!! It was comical to say the least!! But we WON the department theme!! "Go Accounting!!" there was a young boy in our shipping department and an "older" lady who dressed up as "Ben and Ilene Dover" - two great-great grandparents. LOL they were hilarious!! The young boy even wrapped his behind in bubble wrap and proceeded to "moon" the crowd....He had written on the back of the bubble wrap "Depends"...you wanna say the crowd went wild!! They won crowd favorite and most funny. Our own "simplyshannon" on budget101 won most creative!! She created her own costume as a bat using an umbrella as the wings!! She is a very creative person!! I have pictures, I will add them Monday from work - I may need to remove some so that they can fit.

Today the weather here in Virginia is absolutly gorgeous!! It is a sunny 70 degrees.

The hubby and I did some grocery shopping this morning. We were able to catch some great deals together. We sent $160.00 and we have 6 packages of Perdue chicken patties, 10 pounds of hamburger, 8 packages of smoke sausage, 4 packages of boneless chicken breasts, 4 packages of bacon, 4 package of Jimmy dean sausage patties, 4 packages of Jimmy dean link sausage, two pork loins, two turkey roast loins, beans, pasta, spag sauce, two bags of apples, two cantaloupes, 2 gallons of milk, 10 lbs of potatoes, 5lbs onions, vegtable oil, butter, cheese,cat litter, cat food, dog food, chicken food (we splurged theses are our want items - lol) a small pack of crab legs, 5 twelve packs of soda, coffee creamer. Mind you I used a few coupons and got several items that were marked down because the dates were to expire today (but they are still good cause we froze them. I know have enough food for over a month!! This doesnt include all the food that I have stored away in the extra pantry that I buy extra

We now have made our trek home and I think I am going to take a small nap before heading to my night job (5-1am)

Hope everyone doing well!!!

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  1. beansthemama's Avatar
    WOW! That sounds like you had soooo much fun, and 70 degree weather in November, how nice fax
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    I'm blessed also, the weather was GREAT in OHIO today --65--. (Kim is Dad texting you) lolll. The next few days here, they are saying the nice weather will continue...YES!!!!

    Congrad's on the winnings (when is lunch?)... I'll be waiting to see your pictures, of the Halloween Office Party. Sounds like everyone had a blast. The best way to have a job. I miss those times. Just can't do that in prision.
    Nice to have a creative friend "simplyshannon" you to have to have a blast together. Like sisters? And you two work together nice..

    Have to comment on your shopping trip---YOU GO GIRL !!!!
  3. Liss's Avatar
    That is so COOL!! I can't wait to see the photos for that! Great deals on your grocery shopping! Isn't is a great feeling when you've got the freezer full, and you know you got a great deal... it's just a nice content feeling.