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Frugal Fails- what you don't know won't hurt'cha . . .

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Hmm.. I know that everyone knows that I test the recipes out before I share them, at least, I hope they know, but there are days when I don't think people realize to what extent. Take the new Supreme Dishwasher Sauce recipe that I shared last week...

I've tried numerous dishwasher detergent recipes over the last 20 years or so and none of them really overly impressed me. I've spent considerable time studying the composition of commercial detergents. By the way, did you know most commercial detergents are a mixture of washing soda (usually 50%) and Sodium Silicate (along with a few inert ingredients). By the way, did you know that.. No Commercial Dishwasher detergents contain Borax, No Commercial dishwasher detergents contain Salt, and as far as we could find only ONE commercial dishwasher detergent contains baking soda. You can research them yourself here if you'd like, I've spent hours and hours reading all about it. If you're concerned about the safety of using castile soap in a recipe- by all means, read the ingredients of your current favorite dishwasher detergent, I think your fears will be quickly assuaged.

After reading that database, for hours, I came up with a Liquid Lemon Detergent (on my 4th try) and it worked, except for one thing... it was the nastiest looking concoction that I've ever seen. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself:

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While the detergent worked fine, it really looked so disgusting that I knew no one would ever use it. I mean, I've seen vomit less nasty looking/smelling.

So it was back to the drawing board.. then I came up with the Supreme dishwasher sauce, but I knew that people would want to make it as Cheaply as possible, heck I wanted to make it as cheaply as possible, so I made 3 mini batches using 3 different brands of Castile soap. Now here's where I kick myself in the butt, because I already KNOW FOR A FACT that people NEED to visually see the comparison, like the fels vs zote challenge in order to believe it. But I'm only one person and I was trying to do about half a dozen different things at once, including taking clean dishes out of the cupboard and smearing them with egg yolks (so they could Dry on the dishes!) to make sure the detergent actually WORKED. I hate finding recipes on sites, spending the money on the ingredients and then finding out they're fails!

I digress, so, I tested 3 different brands of Castile soap and the ONLY one that worked 100% without any film was LIQUID Dr Bronners Peppermint soap. Now, let me let you in on a little secret.. it's actually a HUGE Pet Peeve of mine.. I hate when someone tries one of my recipes that I spent literally hours creating and perfecting and then they tell me they "tried it and followed it to a "T", EXCEPT that they:
A. Used such and such an ingredient instead
B. Made their own Such and Such Ingredient Instead
C. Used a different size jar/container/etc than was listed
D. Cooked it for twice as long/half as long, etc
Folks, that's NOT following the Recipe to a "T". That's adapting the recipe to make it your own, which is fine, but please don't waste my time by doing that and then coming back and complaining to me that it didn't work and ask me to figure out why?! It didn't "WORK" because you didn't follow the recipe that I posted. Chances are, I've already Been there, done that, tried that and it didn't work for me either that's why I didn't waste my time or yours by sharing it on the site to begin with!

So, I'm off today to go try a couple more herbal body wrap concoctions because quite frankly, I'm still trying to find one that actually works... and I've made 6 so far!

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  1. angeleyes5's Avatar
    When I made (The laundry soap) Last week it was awesome........ Love it . Its great to see people doing what Grandma did to save money.. Many great ideas thanks for the share. Like vinegar (white) along fence line of yard will keep stray cats out of your yard. I have an indoor cat Clovis he is always upset when someone comes into his turf, and he can see out the window another cat whether he goes out or not he still prefers to be territorial. lol Vinegar is a deterrent to other things as well, a great cleaning solution for sure in every home. Mint plants and rosemary will keep unwanted pest from your yard as well, and garden. I get my lavender bundles and things at local harvest and many things to get started on my crafts. Love ice candles that is the greatest for getting rid of unwanted wax you still keep around your 3 inches of wax that would not burn save these candles and make ice candles. Make a beautiful candle unique as a fingerprint. Just takes a milk carton and wick and old candles that still have there aroma going on like vanilla etc........ Put old jar in bag and break glass up around old wax open be careful but chard's should fall away nicely rinse candle off from any gass. Put in candle pot burner on stove medium heat stir and dissolve old wax. When done take your half cut milk carton you will use for a mold. Rinse and set aside adhere wick to bottom of carton with glue gun. set aside .. When wax is ready put ice in your half cut milk carton any size will do ya, and pour melted hot wax over ice to just cover ice barely and sit back. Wait 24 hours and cut away carton being very gentle and Candles should be stunningly beautiful. Thanks for the laundry soap idea, and have a beautiful blessed day..........
  2. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Great Ideas! Sometimes the cardboard milk cartons are hard to come by, but you can trim the tops off plastic water or soda bottles and create beautiful ice candles that way too. It's worth it to buy cheap candles at the dollar store and melt them, add various colors and essential oils to the melted wax and even a teaspoon of glitter for sparkle. These make such gorgeous centerpieces during the holidays!

    I hadn't heard of using vinegar to deter cats, but we use it straight to kill poison ivy around the house without using harsh chemicals that will poison the water supply.