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About Kimmie

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I'm new to this blogging thing, so please bear with me! I love finding real freebies and fake freebies are a huge pet peeve of mine! I like to mess with the spam callers and telemarketers that call my house, the longest I've ever kept one on the phone is 53 minutes. I just kept asking question after question until he finally got so exasperated that he hung up! Hehehe, I figured that if I was keeping him busy he wouldn't be giving his spiel to some little old lady somewhere who could barely understand his silver tongue.

I'm not new to the site, I've been here for a bit. I love the new challenges, they're fun although sometimes I'm not sure how to respond to them. I'm wondering, if you win one, are you eligible to win again?

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  1. cmeans23's Avatar
    HaHa Kimmie, You sound like my brother-in-law. He loves doing that to telemarketers. When asked his race, he tells them "Hillbilly". We live in Kentucky, Sooooooo......