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Empty Nest?

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Things have been crazy hectic here the last couple of weeks as our oldest son has been dual enrolled in college throughout his Junior Year of high school and is heading into his Senior year. He's picked out a college and we're heading there tomorrow to go check out the campus. If he continues on this path, he'll have completed his first year of college with 28 credit hours before he even graduates from high school.
Our youngest is a sophomore this year and I was a bit taken aback because he's decided he wants to go away to Governors School next year. It's a campus that has extremely strict admissions policies and only admits kids that are in the top percentage of their class. His grades qualify, but he'll have to complete a series of interviews, etc in order to get in. His best friend got in this year and is leaving in a week to head to school. I'm starting to get nervous that I'll have an empty nest a few years early! Oh and then there is the whole "paying for it all" thing! lol

I've already started putting together "a Taste of home" gift baskets with homemade mug mixes, a cool mug that I found a couple weeks ago and a few fun items that fit's his friends personality. It's going to seem weird to have his best friend heading off to a different school- he's here as much as my own kids.
I'm not a big shopper, but we finally got our Back to school shopping taken care of. If you're just joining the site and still looking for back to school deals and tips, check out this amazing thread loaded with ideas. All we have to do now is find one last reading book - which was sold out on Amazon, not available in the library or at 3 different bookstores that we checked starting last JUNE. What ever happened to the days when schools provided the books they insisted kids read? Oy!

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  1. svidal's Avatar
    I just wanted to say WOW you have some amazing kids. You did a great job and must be one proud momma.
  2. Liss's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by svidal
    I just wanted to say WOW you have some amazing kids. You did a great job and must be one proud momma.
    Thank you! That's very sweet of you.
  3. Ketsyc's Avatar
    Liss, we are in the same wave I think, I'd say boat but mine have all graduated except the youngest one that lives with us and he is a senior this year. After 5 kids moving out (and back in once or twice) I am already contemplating what my life will be like in a year as my J graduates and we no longer have to be on parental charge 24 hours a day, my house is very quiet already with J not having anyone to fight with .

    I am very proud of you. It takes a lot of courage and pg to bring them to the accomplishments that your kids have made. Keep your chin up and keep in mind that they will be back, so don't pick paint colors for the rooms just yet.
  4. Liss's Avatar
    Thank you Ketsyc, It's hard when they're headed out the door. I had to chuckle when you said not to pick out paint colors just yet, I had to put the reins on DH, he wants to make a workout room. I said OH NO, their rooms stay just the way they are, lol. 5 kids huh? I don't know how I'd handle doing this 5 times.. It seems hard enough the first time. But.. on the other hand, it will give dh and I time to do things ourselves I guess...

    Thank you again for your encouraging words, I greatly appreciated them!