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Rain, Rain Go Away!

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Wow, we've been experiencing a monsoon of rain the past week and half with no end in site. Our poor little camper has sprung several leaks and I called several different RV service companies only to discover that it literally costs more to re-roof our Old RV as it does to re-roof a 2400 square foot home, NO KIDDING!

They wanted $5,600 to put on a new roof- so we're opting to repair it ourselves using a Liquid Roofing product I researched online. I'll let you know how well it works and will, of course, provide a DIY tutorial with tips & tricks we discover along the way.

In addition, our garage was struck by lightening this morning during a hellacious storm. They claim that lightening doesn't strike twice, but it hit the same spot where our beautiful scrub oak tree once stood. I say once stood as it was struck by lightening just a couple years ago and wiped out. Well, the "experts" are wrong, lightening definitely can and does strike in the same place twice..sometimes 3 or 4 times.

So, rather than having a chance to get some work done, a few new articles written and pictures of my latest DIY projects downloaded, I ended up running errands in the pouring rain instead. Maybe tomorrow will be more productive!

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  1. beverly88keys's Avatar
    If you have an aluminum roof on your camper, which I'm thinking that you probably do, the same liquid roofing product that is used to repair mobile home roofs should work on your camper. Contact people who own mobile home rentals and they can tell you which brand works best, as I am positive that they use it to make repairs to their rentals as well as mobile home supply stores would have the best recommendations as well. Good luck and will be waiting to see how it all turns out.