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summer fun with kids

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Doing crafts with kids can be fun. One summer we made candles several different ways. I melted wax into tall juice cans and they dipped candle wick into it and hung it to dry and repeated the process twice a day until they had nice candles. We also collected sand from a beach trip and put it in a box. We made indentions in the sand and put wick in and poured wax around it. They loved making sand candles. They also experimented with putting small shells and flowers and leaves, etc and then pouring the wax in.

They also collected leaves, flowers ect and pressed them in books and every few days they would use small boxes and put borax in and then lay they press plants/flowers and cover with more borax. They would do this all summer and into the fall. Then we made paper using plant material and lots of okra and made screens out of wood and window screen material. They would press their dried flowers and plants into the paper as they were making it. It made for some very special Christmas gifts!

Now days you can browse on line and find all kinds of ideas. My kids are all grown now but I just wanted to share a couple ideas that might give you things to do with kids during their summer break.


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