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Father's Day at home

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Well my husband and kids surprised me with a dinner out for my birthday. They found a local restaurant that served great meals for great prices. 5 of us went and I had a grilled steak, with baked potato and salad bar. It was the best steak ever and between the steak and the baked potato I totally skipped the salad bar. We all left stuff with great food and it was just $27 for the 5 of us! Think we have a new place to go eat at!

We had a special time with my husband this morning, giving him a fun gift bag with notes from all of us and treats. After we got home from church we fixed a special meal. I made a Rhubarb Pie and the girl's fixed baked potatoes, steamed asparagus and broiled fish. It was so very good.

I also miss my parents on these special days. I make sure to tell my kids about them so they get to know about the grandparents that are no longer around.

I hope you all had a great day with the special men in your life today!


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