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A rainy Flag Day

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Flag Day has always been special to me because it's my birthday. We're going through some tough times right now and have been living on food storage and this month we're still trying to just make the house payment. I know there won't be presents and now that I'm allergic to gluten and eggs and dairy I can't even expect a birthday cake. So guess I'm feeling a little blue today but I'm already aware of God's great blessings in my life and am ok knowing I am loved. Rain is a good thing so I can enjoy that also. I haven't been to this site for quite awhile but I'm still around just very busy. Well better get busy and get rid of these blues!


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  1. lala72's Avatar
    I hope you had a great birthday.
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    Yes I had a very special day and was very surprised when my family took me out to eat. I'm at that age I can appreciate a nice quiet day!