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enjoying the weather

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Hi again so the first blog well was confusing -The weather in Ne is awsome 72 today on Halloween - very unheard of -usually snow or rain or some spooky weather - my kids are to big to trick or treat I do miss those days -So everyone have fun and enjoy your kids it's their day - you can have yours tomarrow when you eat their candy or may you can control youself lol not me
Bobbi -ne

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    The weather here in Ohio, is just so wonderful. I opened the windows in the house ,to get fresh air. What a feeling I have no trick or treaters--livning here anymore. But still do the candy here.
  2. tsgal's Avatar
    The weather here in MO was great last night. The kids really enjoyed the idea that it didn't rain or get cold. And lots of candy to share with mom....I like that idea, but it does go to the hips. So gotta be careful not to eat to much.
  3. beansthemama's Avatar
    Weather here in Portland is overcast......rainy........what it normally is though!
  4. Liss's Avatar
    It was rather chilly for us on Halloween, but it didn't seem to effect the ghouls and boys. umpkins: