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It just keeps getting... better? LOL

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So, I submitted my final essay to the writing center -- where I once thought that my "anti-global warming" would rustle the sheeple....I never imagined that my final essay would be the one that the director of the center wants to meet with me next week on!

I know I am not in trouble, but I can't say as much as the dweeb that I wrote my paper on -- who happens to be well known on campus for his antics -- why he is still employed here (he is a student too), I will never understand...

anyway, without much ado -- here is the essay that caused the director to want to meet with me...I told him today wasn't a good day (seeing as I was wearing a shirt that says "sarcasm is the body's natural defense against stupidity" -- I will dress more professionally.... )



It is my opinion as a transfer student, that the writing center is similar to “another government agency.” It doesn’t have to be a separate, stand-alone department the way that WCC has it set up. Having transferred from MCCC, the writing fellows were students who worked the position in the spirit of volunteerism. They were nominated by the staff of the college, based on their personal grades in English.
In many ways, the process by which WCC has their Comp1 students jump through hoops to appease the writing center is both an extra burden and a hindrance to the learning process. At what point did WCC decide that doubling the work of a first year student was a good idea? If WCC used MCCC as a guide, the writing center would implement four class papers to have a writing center stamp of approval before submission could occur. This stamp of approval meant that the student had made an appointment at the writing center, sat down with a writing fellow, discussed how changes to their class-work could be improved, and finally, submitted the revised draft for approval, before being allowed to get a grade for the paper by the instructor.
I did have the opportunity to meet two wonderful writing guides, several mediocre guides and one guide who had the personality of a rock, and that’s being generous. While having a personality is probably not a requirement for the position, it is a very redeeming quality when you need to work with fellow students. Perhaps those who are awkward in social settings should take up a course on how to better fit in.
In the end, I am thankful this is over with. In many ways, I do not feel I have benefitted from the extra work placed on me by WCC for a comp 1 class, especially as a transfer student; but I do see where it is beneficial to those adult students who couldn’t form a complete sentence out of a paper bag…all I know is, whether they can write or not matters none – for they can still vote.

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  1. Liss's Avatar
    How did things go with the director? I see no reason for them to have called you out, except perhaps that they want clarification on your beef with the instructor, lol.. it does sound like you were forced to endure a pompass ass with no sense of humor . . .
  2. CulArtStudent's Avatar
    the writing center employees are students helping other students (but they receive $$ instead of volunteer) -- no beefs with the English instructor. Haven't met with director yet though...

    the person I complained about, told me point blank that "America should be ruled like Hitler ruled Germany and Stalin ruled Russia -- the only problem with Hitler was, he was killed".

    to a military vet like myself, this is UNACCEPTABLE!
  3. Liss's Avatar
    OMG! I can't believe he said that!! What a pompous ass!