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How can anyone possibly be THAT STUPID?

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I will remind readers that I pay out of county tuition, and that amounts to $187.00 per credit hour plus a tech fee of $7.00 for a grand total of $194 per credit hour. English Comp is 4 credits, so I am paying $776 for this one course plus $148.75 for the books.

THIS IS COLLEGE for Crissakes!

Today's English lecture (a full hour of an hour and a half class) was devoted to "HOW TO SEARCH GOOGLE TO HELP YOU ON YOUR RESEARCH PAPER"

Seriously.... excuse my language, but HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU MANAGE TO MAKE TO COLLEGE WITHOUT KNOWING HOW TO PERFORM A SEARCH??? Seriously? In addition, it's near the end of the semester -- so even if you made it to college without knowing this skill, how the f*** did you manage to skirt through the semester without doing a search on a search engine?

Smack my damn head -- give me a break -- if you are struggling that much (apparently half of my peers do not know how to use proper grammar either, and spelling is a whole new world) --- TAKE A REMEDIAL 3rd Grade English!

Most of my peers are 22 years old and older -- with me (of course) being the eldest of the bunch.... O.M.G. ...obviously they are products of the schools they went to, and probably skipped most of the classes.


Almost $800 for this class, and this is the content I get to deal with -- with only 3 weeks left of the semester! How in the world do they expect to survive, seriously? :/

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  1. Extrathrifty's Avatar
    I feel your pain. I am a proud member of the "Grammar Police." As a former educator, I can tell you exactly how some of these college students would not know how to do a google search:

    First, (and most obvious to me) US colleges & universities get more money from foreign exchange students. Even "poor" foreign exchange students are desired because they diversify the campus. Many African countries (excluding South Africa) are still not up to speed with much of the available technology, but they are learning VERY quickly.
    Another possibility is that they are in fact, "a product of their school." In the US it is possible for a person of average intelligence to go through public education for 13 years, have less than 5 absences every school year, and STILL be unable to pass a high school equivalency test in Math or English (Science is "iffy," since all you need is decent reading comprehension to pass).

    I am sorry you are not feeling you are getting value for your college tuition. Sadly, I think the tuition bubble will soon burst, and a college education will not be worth the money spent for it.

    At one time, I was furious with my husband for graduating in University Studies instead of Math, History, or any number of other disciplines. The army didn't care, and my husband was a commissioned army engineer. After he left the army, his supervisor training job didn't care what kind of degree he received, either. All that was important was that he graduated from a university.
    Good luck in your education pursuits.
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    I am a college student right now also and I agree it can be frustrating for those of us who already know how to google for information for a research report. However, so many students only know how to text and could not write a 500 word essay to save their life. I am amazed at some educated people (or so they say they are) who think that if you simply google something that it is 100% factual. Not everyone understands what is a credible site and what is not when it comes to professional writing. One class period to refresh on this, although frustrating for those who do understand, can be very valuable for future careers.
  3. CulArtStudent's Avatar
    Extra -- we have no foreign students in this class --- unless ghetto is a country. :/