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Spring Ahead!

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Spring rains have hit our area and although I love the warmer temperatures, I'm not looking forward to green/yellow slime allergy season! On a brighter note, we got our garden tilled up and a new automatic sprinkling system installed. I want desperately to plant already, but cannot for several reasons-

#1: Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac and Jasmine! - our family takes a week off each year and I don't want to take the chances of getting plastered with any of the itchies before our "vacation". Even if it's just to have family & friends visit or to camp for a couple of days, I don't want to be smothered with any kind of rash.

#2- It's pouring out and the garden area is a mudhole at the moment.

#3- I just know we're going to get hit with frost at Least one more time and I don't want to kill my seedlings.

We expanded our garden area by almost double this year. Last years drought sent prices of fresh produce soaring and quite frankly, I'm not too keen on genetically engineered foods. I'm not a fan of being a guinea pig & waiting 20 years to discover that I've obtained some odd cancer or disease due to the government playing god with our food supply. Besides, there's something very satisfying about growing and harvesting your own food.

We "Mound Garden" which apparently is quite unique in the South East (pretty common in the North East)- because I sure do get lots of "looks" from people when they go by.

Name:  41BtCE9JFEL._AA160_.jpg
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Size:  4.7 KBIn years past we've used automatic watering timers to keep the garden watered on a regular basis and while that worked for our smaller garden, we literally tripled the garden size this year. We opted to build our own, do it yourself, garden sprinkler system using a bit of pvc pipe, a few sprinkler heads and a timer.

The entire project was relatively inexpensive, but did take a little extra preparation. Once the garden area was completely tilled and aged manure was added & tilled in, we dug trenches to run the pvc pipes. I'll add photos once the stupid rain stops long enough for me to take some!

I'm really looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt again! Are you planning a garden this year? What are you thinking of planting or what have you already planted?

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  1. kheffner's Avatar
    Can't wait to see your husband plans to use pvc pipes to make a watering system for our garden...
  2. Liss's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kheffner
    Can't wait to see your husband plans to use pvc pipes to make a watering system for our garden...
    Finally had a chance to add it to the site! Here's our Weed-Free, Self Watering, No Maintenance Garden: - - DIY Automatic Garden Watering System | Dirt Cheap Gardening Ideas

    I'll add photos as it grows/progresses.