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A New Year for an old Me

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Well 2013 be any kinder than 2012 was??? I hope so! But so far the drought is continuing here so this coming years growing season isn't looking to good. Usually by January it is in the 20's and we are buried in snow that stays until the Spring thaw. It's been in the 50's and for over a year if we get any moisture it's always less than 1/4 inch. There is no public water supply in our area. People are running out of water and the local communities are turning off the water to those who want to haul water. We are still ok here but another full year of drought will be troublesome for us.
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But on a bright note, our oldest son who lost his job just 3 weeks after getting married is now working again. He had to move from St Joseph, MO to Topeka, KS but it's a good job as a programmer for the state of Kansas Board of Education. They found a 2 story studio apartment for $300 a month so hopefully they can handle that along with their $535 house payment until they get the house ready to sell and hopefully sell it fast.

I have been reading my scriptures daily all the way through during the year, this will be the 4th year of my doing that. I decided to try another new item to see if I can start a new habit. I'm not a pack rat but my basement sure looks like I am. I am trying to go through everything in the basement store room and toss, repack or giveaway everything down there. I have been finding some amazing things! Most of this junk are things our kids have packed up and tossed down there. I have found 8 boxes so far of nothing but trash in them. I had pre-asked the kids to either go through their boxes and let me sort it out. I now know why they all so freely told me to go for it. My Mom really did do me a favor by sorting it all out and getting rid of 99% of my stuff!

I'm still canning and storing up as much stuff as I can do. I got a wonderful 11 cases of pint jars for Christmas! So happy my kids listened this time! I have been boiling up a turkey each week and canning it and the broth. this are the 7 turkeys we butchered in November and only 3 of my 9 family members would eat it. Meanwhile my freeze is full and I can't find anything! So I'm canning it all up, some day my family will eat turkey again. I have decided now that the kids are all moved out I want to be free of all animals. So as soon as the turkeys are done I will start butchering 2 or 3 chickens per week and get those canned up while no one is home to see me. At least they should eat the chicken! I'm allergic to the eggs so no reason to have them. the ducks are pets and 4 yrs old and the dog and cats are old to, so in a few years we should be critter free.

I am hoping to get DH to build me a small heated green house just outside my basement door (south side) so I can grow salad stuff all year long and also start my own seedlings for spring planting. Well guess I rambled enough.

I'm still here running crazy. Don't get to check in as often as I'd like but I am still around.

Blessings to each of you!

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  1. splashangel's Avatar
    Sooo glad to see your blog! And I love the picture. It's awsome your son got a great job. Looks like you'll be enjoying bird for a while, huh? I hate going through boxes! But you reminded me that it's something I need to do also.