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Beauty and the budget.

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So, that's me. First off, let me say I've had the flu since Christmas day and today was my first real day up.

I havn't took a bath yet, havn't brushed my hair since last nights washing but thought if you knocked on my door right now... Well, this is what you would get. So, I aimed and clicked. When I concentrate I tend to bite my lower lip and raise an eyebrow. I cann't control the eyebrow thing so there it is.
I'm 45 years old. And at 45 you have to do some stuff ya know? So listen, if your say, twenty something, then turn around and leave now. I don't want to scare you. But if your brave enough to peek into the future and find out what waits, then I'm about to spill the beans. But for any of you over 30, this is all no surprise to you, so let's talk about it.

When I was in my twenties I could be awake and out the door in 10 minutes. It takes me that long just to pee now. I used to hang my head out the car window to dry my hair, pulling my head in long enough to slurp at my coffee. I wouldn't dare now. I used to buy 99 cent lotion and it went from head to toe. I thought it was the same thing as face cream. I used to bask in the sun on the beach all day every day, useing butter for sun tan oil.

I used to get two hours sleep and hit it wide open the next day. Now I have days that I need a two hour nap after sleeping all night. So, like at 7, I should get up but I take that nap and get up at 9...ish. O.K. I do 10 some days but I have restless legs and sometimes I'm tired.(sigh)
I'm not a young girl anymore though. And a long with being a big girl comes big girl problems. Like cellulite, saggy skin ( don't be fooled, small breast sag to) Dry skin/ oily skin, BIG blackheads, and hair in some messed up places. Then you have grey hair to deal with. Teeth get yellow, skin gets sallow...

So what do you do? The first thing I found out was that getting older can be expensive. And the stores know it. Even at Walmarts, face creams are expensive. Here's some of the things I do. I'm no beauty Queen. But, here it is.

Drink lots of water. I know you expected something more... exciting maybe. It's true. Take a picture of you now. Drink loads of water. At least 8 cups a day but more if your sweating or just can.
two weeks of this and no other changes, take another pic and compare.

Eat healthy as possible. Lots of fruits and veggies. Lean meats and not so much junk food.

Excercise some. Go for a brisk walk. Get the oxygen flowing through your body. 20 minutes a day will do wonders. But at least 3 times a week.
I order free samples of facial products whenever I see them. I make a scrub with sugar and olive oil or coconut oil. What ever I have. I also use organic coconut oil as an all over hair and skin conditioner. Great stuff. If you eat it and wear it, you cann't go wrong. I also make a face cream from the Plantain plant. I sometimes mix it with Coconut oil, olive oil or lard. ( yes lard). I grease my face with something after my bath and sometimes I'll do it again if I'm going to be working outside. I don't wear make-up. I don't cut, color, perm or blow dry my hair. I rarely even put hair spray on it. My hair is greying but I like the silver color mines turning. Cann't say the whole turning grey process makes me want to shout for joy though.
I have been a fan of waxing for a lot of years. I plucked in between, but I'm in love with threading now. If you don't know what it is then google it. It's pretty cool. I, however, have a lot of facial hair to deal with. To start off, my eyebrows are thick and grow down the eyelid(ouch) and unibrow isn't a descriptive enough word. I have a mustache and have recently discovered a few brave hairs on my chin. ( May they rest in peice) Threading costs a little more than waxing, but it's not hard to learn. I just did my face again tonight.

I brush my teeth once a week with baking powder. Once a month I add fresh lemon.

I wash my hair as little as possible. I do buy my conditioner from a salon. I spend about 20-25 bucks and it will last me prolly 3 monthes. I skip conditioning sometimes and wash with a little baking soda added to the shampoo. Suave or whatever. Then I put Argon oil ( Dollar tree) or coconut oil in it before I put it in a towel. That's what I did last night.
I spend next to nothing on my beauty tools. I hope that something in this will be interesting to someone out there. Take care and I'll be back with something to run on about in a week or so.

Do you have an inexpensive beauty product that works for you?
What has caught you most off guard about ageing?

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Great post! Yep welcome to the 40 crowd nothing like a slap in the face one day and yes it does seem that one day you wake up and are like geez what the heck happened. . I use peroxide for brushing teeth also along with the baking soda. I am an avid coffee drinker and would have blackish brown teeth by now if I didn't use the peroxide. A dentist 20+ years ago told me to use the peroxide and it would take care of what ails my mouth. Have not had a cavity since. Baking soda is awesome for cleaning hair so is a little vinger for a rinse to get the soap buildup and add a great shine. I use to spend a lot of time doing makeup, but have discovered the bare minerals, pricey but so worth it. I think I spend about five minutes now doing makeup and it lasts all day and my face does not break out like it has with the other makeup. The gray hair is coming but fortunately I am a blonde, this time of year a dirty blonde and lighter durnig the warmer months but the gray is sly and sneaks up on you. When the hair goes the dirty blonde the white just smiles in the mornings and says get over it hon' your older than you use to be. I have heard that peanut butter is a great lotion to use, with a cat and a dog though the thought that they might hop in the bed and lick my face like crazy to get the peanut butter has kept me from trying that one. Can't wait to see what others might share.
  2. splashangel's Avatar
    Thanks Willbe, I was tired though. Need to care more about spelling. I use peroxide sometimes. I agree it's great for the mouth. I'm glad you had some advice on makeup cause I just don't. Thanks. My cat would drive me NUTSO if I lathered down in Peanut butter! I hiss my self silly warning him to stop licking me when he discovers coconut oil on me!
  3. HerbLady's Avatar
    I'm 43 but the genetic lottery is stacked in my favor. THANK YOU MOM!!! Skin and hair are holding up but the bewbs are moving South. I get tired faster than I used to.
  4. splashangel's Avatar
    That's great herb Lady! I think my genetics are pretty good. My Mama was still pretty when she died from cancer a few years ago. She smoked and didn't eat that great. My gramaw is 84 and looks pretty good herself. She's smoked for as long as I have known her and never drank water untill a few years ago I got her started drinking the flavored water with artificial sweetner. Not condoning it though. BUT, she was over 80 with loads of problems te docyor said was from not drinking water. She now has none of those problems and drinks the stuff constantly.
  5. HerbLady's Avatar
    I'm the main care giver for my husbands 92 year old grandmother. I hope to be beautiful like her one of these days. : )