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Fire Station Visit

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Just something I thought I would pass on to everyone. I am the Den Leader (use to be called den mother) of three groups of kids from first grade to third grade. Every October we visit a local fire station to learn about the trucks and station. I always invite younger siblings along as well. The kids absolutely love this and it is a free and educational thing to do. I also know that some stations allow birthday parties there for a donation. This is a great low cost to no cost activity.

This time we had a 22 month old who loves trucks, but was completely in awe when he actually got near the truck. Then, since the boys were allowed to actually sit in the truck, when he got up there (with an older scout) he almost burst into tears. Guess it was a little TOO big for him.

Hope this helps everyone and......

Not only change your clocks, change the battery in your smoke detector too!!!!!!

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  1. Liss's Avatar
    Thank you for the reminder, I had forgotten all about the smoke detectors.