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Amazing Christmas Kindness

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The most beautiful kindness was shown to me yesterday. I've been painting on glass for 23 years now and I have never experienced the likes of yesterday.
This time of year is exhausting in every way.I have days that end with my laying across my husbands chest sobbing my heart out.Just because I'm spent and need the release. Once my physical energy is sapped, my body starts stealing from my emotional energy. Setteling for whatever it can get. I come in from 12-18 hr days just rung out. I painted 55 windows yesterday and didn't use the same design twice. Not to sound like the crazy artist... But, with every picture that forms in my mind and exits through my hands, it takes some of my energy with it. And when I leave it on the glass? I've left a part of me. Weird. But true. By the time I get home I am trashed. I operate from habit. Knowing somewhere in this mushed up, overworked, tired, burnt out, mess I'm useing for a brain, that it will end all to soon and it's a years wait for it to come again. I started tuesday and my lowest day was 165.00. Yesterday was 435.00. I'll have a day or so that I hit 1,000. Thats why I do it. Thats what drives me to push through and keep going. The money. I'm so burnt out. But somehow the ideas keep coming. Thank you Lord.
Well, yesterday I decided to hit this little Mom and Pops restaurant that was on my way to another job. Just a little bitty restaurant in a little bitty town. Nothing special. That's what I thought anyways. It was my forth job of the day. I didn't even have to sell her. She had seen my work in a town 20 miles over and was excited I showed up. I hooked her two good sized windows up. Merry Christmas big and colorfull in one and pine limbs with red birds in the other. I could hear the people inside. It's funny how they think you cann't. They kinda take to it as if they were watching T.V. I see them and often the world behind me. Glass reflects. I knew they were happy.
The owner loved it so I went in to collect my pay. This is the part I will never forget. The customers started making their way to me and began tipping me. 5's and 10's. They told me it was worth it to watch. And for the first time in 23 years it wasn't about the money. I felt the energy I spent being restored with each kind word spoken to me. We never stop growing up do we? Those people growed me up a little bit more. I will never forget them or their kindness.

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    The customers started making their way to me and began tipping me. 5's and 10's. They told me it was worth it to watch. And for the first time in 23 years it wasn't about the money. I felt the energy I spent being restored with each kind word spoken to me. We never stop growing up do we? Those people growed me up a little bit more. I will never forget them or their kindness
    . That is so wonderful to hear! It really is a neat experience to watch a talented artist paint from the heart and soul. As a teen working in a restuarant the owner paid a local artist to paint a wall inside and it was so much fun to see these weird swirls of paint become a gorgeous scenery in no time flat. It was amazing to me that he had such vision, all I saw when he started was a wall that had been poorly sheetrocked and mudded and then painted with flat pale paint. When he was done it was vibrant with flowers and vines and a cafe street scene.

    What brand of paints do you prefer for painting on windows? My mom used to paint glass when I was a teen, mostly small scenes/animals.

    I just saw your new pic and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dancing Jalapeno, he is too Cute!!

    Thanks for sharing, it brightened my day.
  2. splashangel's Avatar
    He sounds more talented than me. My buildings tend to be a little wonky! Eh Well.
    I use interior latex. I change my customers glass every 4-6 weeks. LSike, say, in January I'll remove ChristmaS AND PUT ON vALENTINES. ( sorry about yelling, caps lock on)
    My work keeps you always under the gun trying to work in a small window of time. After all, no one wants Christmas art Dec. 26.
    I have found int erior latex holds up well to the weather, is fairly inexpensive( love mis tints), and cleans off fairly easy. That peppers actually from last year but I havn't taken any pics this year. I'm glad you like him. He's very popular with my hispanic customers.
    Take care and see you all more when I slow down.
  3. sandy63's Avatar
    Isn't that wonderful that that happened to you just when youy really needed the encouragement and recognition. We all need this at times. God Knows just when to send his angels to aid us. Someone asked me once what I meant by angels and I just told them that the angels are "us" and that we were put on this earth to serve. We are here to help each other in our times of need we only have to be receptive to his voice. It is even more special at this time of year when we stop to think about the most special "angel" and what his birth and death has given to us. Have a wonderful christmas!!
  4. LNsGirl's Avatar
    I have tears in my eyes from the emotion this caused. Do you do the reverse painting, or what. I would love to be able to do something like this. I know it has to be so tiring physically and mentally. God bless you for a job well done!
  5. splashangel's Avatar
    You are so correct. I needed that restoration the words and the act of kindness brought. It's not that people don't say nice and tips are fairly common... But this was not the same. I just can not explain the connection I had with all those people. I've just never felt such unity with so many strangers. God's timing is indeed perfect.

    No, it is not reverse painting, however, I'm fairly interested in it. What I do is lay out the shape in white. So a heart with eyes would start out as a white heart. Then I wuld put red on it. Then features. Eyes,mouth etc. It's not hard and if you are interested I will be more than glad to help you get started. P.m. me and I'll walk you through everything. I'm leaving for Albany Ga. to work though, tomorrow after church. I'll be gone a few days. Maybe more. Planning to check out new are but I'm so tired I may just take care of my regulars and come home.

    Thank yall for the support! I had to knock off earlier yesterday and have some things done to the truck for this trip tomorrow. My youngest ask me last night if I had been sleeping in my truck. I said," What"!? " No, and why on earth would you think that I was"? He said," Well, me and Bubba havn't seen you for a really long time ( a week maybe) and I thought since you wuttn't sleeping here you must of been sleeping in your truck". I know... Bless his heart! I eplained that I wasn't sleeping much at all and I left before they woke up and got home after they were a sleep. I took him to work with me today.
  6. lala72's Avatar
    You were truly blessed to have such a captive and kind audience. I love your pepper too. He makes me smile. I hope you are getting plenty of rest and I wish you a Merry Christmas.