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Beautiful Weekend...

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First, my niece (in law?) came to visit Friday night from NC.
Saturday, my sister came for a visit. We had a wonderful visit.
Sunday, Dh, DD, and I went to friends to watch football (DH), and for my friend and I to do some shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.
This is the cool part, my friend works a full time job, plus is taking college courses online. She has no time/desire to clip coupons per say. But, we sat down together with the flyers for her local markets. Made a list, and went upstairs to her computer. Got on a coupon website and printed the coupons that matched her list and off we went.
One of her items with coupon was a free razor with purchase of refill blades. It was $9.99 - and needed manager approval.
Her coupon for a free turkey with a $75 purchase from that store required another push of the 'summoning button' because the turkeys were not marked at all (the whole freezer full - I find it hard to believe we were the first to have this issue for the day...)
There was another coupon that wouldn't work and needed manager approval to 'push' through - by now she's rolling her eyes, I can see I'm losing her already in her couponing adventure....
Finally, it's all tallied up, and she swipes her card for the screen to flash - the summoning button to be pressed just ONE more time, as the manager walks over, my friend reads the message flashing on the bottom of the screen - what needed 'approval' this time was her savings of $103 dollars between the coupons and sale purchases.
Now she's ready to move on in her couponing endevours. She was laughing saying " I can see it now, I'll be in my office - they'll think I'm still doing home work and I'm going to be printing/clipping coupons"
With just what she saved in coupons for the day, she was able to top off both vehicles with gas for the week. Yeah, I think she'll find time to clip/print a few coupons each week now.

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  1. splashangel's Avatar
    Fantastic! I'm glad she ended up with a good experience.Good for you on taking the time to help. I'm not in to coupons as much as I'd liketo be simply because it seems confusing.