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Reaping what you sow.

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Today, I'm going to go next door to my gramaws, walk right up that free ramp built just for her and cook up the fish pastor gave her.
She also has hospice nurses three times a week, A woman who helps her bath twice a week, someone who cleans once and another who visits once a week. Meals on wheels brings a hot meal 7 days a week.
But let me tell you a bit about her. Back when I was young and she was still old.Just old. Not like now at 84.
Gramaw delivered meals on wheels to people just like she is now.
And I just cann't tell you at the coffee cans she would feel with bananna bread batter, the banannas salvaged from dumpsters, and bake them perfectly to deliver to various shut ins.
She would save everything. Dish soap bottles, toilet paper cones, bread sacks and especially the ties. Then she would take what most folks call garbage and make dolls, cute containers and usefull items from them. Something from nothing I guess you could say.
But it wasn't nothing when she got through. It told an old soul who, for the most part was forgotten, that someone valued them. Spent time making something for them.
I remember watching from my perch on a potty chair, as my gramaw scrubbed out from under a sweet old mans nails.
Sweat building on her brow and around her ample neck. It must of been 200 degrees in there. Now, I sweat in her house as I work because she keeps it around 200.
You had to be way out there to top gramaw in being thrifty. I mean, this was a woman, who, when no one was looking would pour everybodies tea or soda back in the jug. EWWW! We knew to stay away from the "big" toothpicks. They were swollen from being washed. Yea, I'll let you chew on that one...So I guess that's why I so vividly remember her sweetly but sternly cautioning a firey old lady about hiding food. The stench was hidious! It was under her mattress, behind dressers and one time I found a half of boiled egg wrapped up in a peice of paper in a shoe. ( I was playing with my car under her bed) I didn't even tell gramaw. It made feel like me and that old lady had a secret. Gramaw said it was the depression what made her that way.
Those people are most assuredly gone now. And gramaw is their age now. She hides food, though not to the extent that depression lady did, she loves her heater and throws very little away. I laugh to my self when I see her scurry to the garbage to retrieve the rubber gloves the nurse just threw away, mumbling about how it wasn't even used. Much.
The other day I was cleaning out a drawer by her bed when I came across a pretty sizable stack of cheese wrappers. " Gramaw"? Her reply," Yea baby". "Why you savin these cheese wrappers"? She answered me as if I was still seven, and said," Well' I might need to wrap a little something up". For a moment , I was a little girl and she was still ample. I answered like the seven year old I felt I was, knowing that gramaw had all the answers. " oh", I said , while gently shutting the drawer.

Are you sowing?
Do you know someone who seems forgotten?
Any good grand parent stories?

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  1. sandy63's Avatar
    splashangel I am also one of those people who see value in what others call trash. We recycle everything we can. We have been asked why we donot use the trash service and I say what trash. If it cannot be reused by me then it goes to the recycling depot. I keep all of my paper mail that is just newsprint to use to mulch the garden and am soon going to get a paper shredder to be able to add paper to my compost. So to all I say HAPPY RECYCLING!
  2. splashangel's Avatar
    Sandy, thats interesting to me that you have so little "garbage" that you don't need pick up. We are not there yet. I'm working on it though. I'm really interested in getting serious with plastic but there isn't any places near us that handles it. I can however, save it till I go into the city by us. Do you go to Recycle bank? It's a really neat site that you earn points while learning about being green. It has had a hugh iuence on me.
  3. sandy63's Avatar
    I have never heard of recycle bank, but we have great recycling places here in Neosho and in Joplin. We had a trash service for awhile right after we moved here, but they got to where they never checked our trash bin. When I called them about this fact they told me that they never find anything in it. I replied that at times there is a bag in there so they really should check since we pay for them to do just that. They quit coming all together after that. I am really careful about the packaging that I buy so I have as little waste as possible. We have discovered that there are many , many uses for things that we all just throw away automatically. I met someone at Hobby Lobby looking to buy cardboard to make templates out of for a project for her classroom. Each child needed to make templates to reuse. I told her to have her class bring boxes from home. There is a lot of useful cardboard items like cereal boxes, cracker boxes, small appliance boxes, etc. that can be recycled into something very useful. Sometimes I think I need to write a recycling book. I would like to tell people to pick up a piece of trash from their bin and just start writing a lists of ways to reuse this so called trash and really surprise themselves.
  4. splashangel's Avatar
    Thats funny that you ran off the trash service. I got a good chuckle out of that.
    Write a book! Or blog here. As soon as I slow down I'm going to do just what you said. I'll pick up the first thing in the garbage and let you know what I come up with. Sounds fun.
  5. LNsGirl's Avatar
    This reminded me of my grandmother. She died in 2003 at the age of 101, lacking from July to December being 102. She was a wonderful lady! And I miss her so much.

    My mother "went home" in November of 2007. She was one of those people that would pick up that one shoe in the middle of the road, because the other one might be a little farther down the road. The funniest thing is, that my daughter saw a shoe in the road and stopped to pick it up, sure enough the other was just a bit down the road. She knew that Mother was OK. Mother love her children, grand children and great grand children.

    At one time, we had 5 generations of women in my family. We had our picture made and were even in the paper. =) Memories are priceless!