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What I do.

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Hey everybody!
I thought today I would share a little about myself. I'm an artist.
You can see a sample of my work on my profile pic and while you are there, take a look at my pictures. I painted my sons room to look like a log cabin. Complete with a faux fireplace. Although I do paint signs and murals, in fact I'm doing sketches tonight for two seperate jobs, most of my work is done on store front glass. You may have seen Christmas windows. Well, I have buisnesses that I go see every 4-6 weeks. I remove existing art work and put up something new. What I do is a very effective yet inexpensive form of advertising AND I stay current. But, the money is real good for Christmas. Starting a week before Thanksgiving. Now, I know there are more people than me who can use extra cash at Christmas. And I know what you are thinking. You cann't draw a straight line. Or you couldn't sale it. At Christmasit sales itself. And I could NOT draw when I started. I didn't sit around sketching or love looking at famous paintings.I never took an art course and never wanted to.I was however, hungry enough to figure it out. Now, I sale someone a candy cane on their door about 4' tall, I'm done in under two minutes. 10-20 bucks. If I charge 10 dollars per window, I end my day over 100 bucks easy. Look... A snowman is just three circles. A present is just a box! A tree is a big triangle with balls all over it. If you are interested at all, then P.M me and I will tell you everything you need to know. I'll tell you buisnesses that are likely to do it in your area, how to sale them and I'll be here for any questions along the way. This is something you can get in to for less than 50 bucks and make 100's off that 50. I've been at this for over twenty years now and would love to see someone benefit from this. I'm not rich from it but it sure has done me right over the years.
Take care and I'll get up with ya'll next week with something else to talk about.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Very nice art work! Your son's room looks so warm and inviting, bet he loves it.
  2. lala72's Avatar
    Angel, your work is beautiful. Your son is so blessed to have such a talented mom.
  3. splashangel's Avatar
    Thanks ya'll. Yea, he loves it. I'm ready to change it but he doesn't want to. My husband wants the living room done that way but I have other plans... I once painted caroling children and mistle toe on the walls of an apartment I was living in at Christmas. The land lord was torn between I love it and the unsaid dobts that I could really make it disapear after Christmas. Layla, My kids are so great. They are my blessing but I tell ya, They can put the pressure on. I have My 10 year old volunteered me to make a BIG cake that will look like an American flag. You know how they send home a list and you pick to bring , say chips? He talked the teacher into writing a note on the bottom of mine. She assured me that he was quiet convincing and insistant. Hmmm.
    At any rate, I am hoping someone takes me up on this offer and has a Very Merry Christmas.