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A day of down time

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We've all been running like crazy these last few weeks. Ok, well I always run like crazy but I had a big load added to my regular stuff and I am drained of everything I have to give. DH has cancer again and we have been worried sick. The Dr told us the 1st place it moves to is the bones. Well he's had a lot of trouble the last few month's with his arms. Lots of pain and suddenly it became unbarable pain. 2 days and he finely agreed to let me take him to the hospital. The 93 mile drive was almost more than he could handle but we made it. The good news is a bone scan showed no signs of cancer and they also checked on blood clots and none where found. He has a pinched nerve in his back and was doing some heavy lifting that set it off. He still isn't moving to good but it sure is nice to know it's not cancer causing the problem!

Anyway, after two weeks of heavy running and lots and lots of company, I'm taking today off. I had made a big pot of my real Italian spaghetti sauce up. My family said it was to salty so it's in the crock pot with a peeled potato to draw the salt out. I had made two loaves of garlic bread up and still have one in the fridge ready to go into the oven to reheat it. So easy dinner night and got livestock taken care of so will have a lazy day.

House got a good clean for the inital company and we've been gone back and forth to the hospital so the house is still clean. You have no clue how happy that makes me! Nothing worse than being exhausted and having a dirty house! I will finish up here and go run a nice bath and soak. Then curl up with a book and read the day away. I might work on another quilt if I feel like it but today is my day and I'm not working!

I added a picture my daughter took a couple weeks ago. Most of the leaves have fallen now but sure am pleased she got so many pictures taken this year. With our severe drought the leaves were such brilliant colors.

I hope you are having a blessed day and wonderful weekend.


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  1. lala72's Avatar
    You have been so busy. I'm glad to hear the pain is not from cancer. I hope your dh heals quickly. Your daughter's photo is beautiful. It's strange that from a drought such beauty could show through. Have a great weekend.
  2. splashangel's Avatar
    I was so excited when I saw you had blogged today! Love reading what you write.
    Enjoy your day. What book if you don't mind my asking?