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Not New Just Busy... Or Something.

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Hi everybody. I am no a regular blogger as you can tell by the year or 2 since my last one. Most of my blogs are more rants than anything else. This one is more of an introduction I guess. I guess you could say I am kind of a lurker. I look at posts but never really comment. I do enjoy the freebies section. I have been on here a number of years. So here goes.

I am a mom - ish. I consider myself a mom but I'm really an aunt in a mom situation. He's almost 12 and in middle school. We aren't really in the best financial state. Ever. Its always ok for while then poor again. We have 2 cats, one of them is very sick right now. We brought him to the vet with the help of a rescue & they realized that we didn't have a lot of money so they told us to put him down. So we have been nursing him slowly back to health.

I've noticed that people look at you differently when you are poor. Or are barely making it. But we are surviving. We have a lot to be thankful for. Sometimes you just have to look harder to find it. But we have a home, we have each other. That's what's most important.

Thanks for reading. I will try to post more often. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Welcome to blogging. I have a tendency to use the blogs as a rant, great way to get something out of your brain and be able to move on. Sorry to hear about your cat. I am sure that you will be able to nurse him back to health, takes time and patience. You seem to have much patience. Raising a boy who is almost 12 does make you a mom. A mom is that secure person who is there for a child no matter what offering unconditional love. Looking forward to more of your postings.
  2. splashangel's Avatar
    I loved your blog. Very real. I ran into a kinda,sorta, similar situation with a turtle. My computer was down so I couldn't google and find out exactly what kind he was but...
    The neighbors dog and my dog got a hold of him and bit into his shell. He was bleeding and there was one pretty big whole.(Half the sizea of a dime). I called a vets office ( sat) and asked what I should do. They told me to bring him in. "in" was almost an hour from me. When I said I was looking for someone to take him they told me to put him in the freezer! True story. Yea... So, I told them no. And called the next number. They gave me the number to a turtle specialist and wild life rehibilitator. We gave him medicine and turned the boy's bathtub into his sanctuary. Turned out he was an endangered species. A gopher turtle. He was last seen making his way through the under brush in the woods on out property. Good luck with your cat.