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Bread Machine

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Since I have terrible bread making skills I went out and bought a bread machine.

Key Opportunities had a used one for $25. It even has a manual with it. I was a little overwhelmed to see 110 possible settings, but I'm game.

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  1. splashangel's Avatar
    Congratulations on the bread machine. I really only make one type of bread in mine. Everyone loves it though. I got the machine for a couple of bucks. The guy didn't know anything about it. I took a chance and googled it when I got it home. Found out I got a GREAT deal! Let us know if owning a bread machine improves your bread making ability.
    Happy bread making,
  2. AngelXpress's Avatar
    Have fun with your adventure machine. I use my bread machine exclusively for dough, but I use it 3-4X a week. Using a basic white bread recipe, I add different herbs & spices, and instead of loves I usually make rolls. I use the same recipe for cinnamon rolls & pizza dough. I buy bulk yeast at Sams, and make a point just using the machine regularly.