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How I became me.

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Something about eating from dumpsters changes you. Kinda makes you different. It'll make your spine stiffin when someone say's " I'm not eating that". Your eye's will always follow the item being thrown away by others. Something in side of you will flare up when you see friends throw out the left overs. You will alway's scan dumpsters when you find yourself near them. The guilt you feel when you let perfectly good meat rot in the fridge is, I imagine ,something akin to adultry. But let me tell you something. I watched my gramaw perform magic in our kitchen many times. I saw her take that soggy, spotted poor excuse for food and begin to wash and hack off the worst parts. Soon, she'd be simmering some of this and baking some of that. And with this, the putrid smells of the dumpster just hours earlier were forgotten. It was almost impossible to believe that the very items cooking and sending out warm scent invitations to my growling tummy, was the very same thing's making it quesey a few hours before while digging around in the bottom of a dumpster. The two smells, at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I can remember it so well. And, on good day's so can Gramaw. Yes, I'm thrifty. And I wouldn't change how I became me even if I could.

Have any of you ever dumpster dived?
If so, what for?
If not, do you think you could eat food from a dumpster?

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    No I have never dumpster dived in respects of food. I have not been to that point, but if it was the only way to provide food, then yes I probably could and would do it. I am often amazed at businesses who deem food unacceptable and throw perfectly safe to eat food in the trash because it didn't sell that day. Welcome to the site and thank you for sharing. Look forward to hearing more from you.
  2. splashangel's Avatar
    Thank you wilbe for the welcome!
    I hope it never comes to that for me again but you are right. A LOT of very good food get's trashed. It's funny when I think back now. Gramaw would bake up some banana puddings or pumpkin bread... Just whatever was available. She would sale those cakes and pies to a handfull of folks. She was a fantastic cook. She would load up a pie or loaf of bread etc. and take it to folks as old as she is now. Sharing the "wealth". I don't ever remember being hungry either.
  3. HerbLady's Avatar
    We used to dumpster dive when I was a kid. Great collection of 'interesting things' was eventually thrown out by my mother, alas.
  4. splashangel's Avatar
    Ahhh! I just bet you did find some goodies! It was always food for us but some years ago now, I did raid a walmart dumpster for a bunch of paint. I made my living painting pictures on store front glass and didn't have to buy much paint for a while. I have been known to pick up stuff setting by the road also.
    Thanks for sharing,
  5. sandy63's Avatar
    We lived about 2 miles from the city dump when I was a child and you could go their and find enough stuff to set up housekeeping. My favorite find was a huge box of paper dolls, which at the time Betsy McCall paper dolls were the rage, A lot of them were Betsy McCalls some were never removed from the box. I had many enjoyable hours playing with them.