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Where does the time go?!

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Have you ever noticed when things are going fairly well, the time just flies- but if something lousy is going on in your life, the time drags like it's never going to end?!

Luckily, lately for me it seems like time is flying and I haven't had a time to take a breath. We've been adding on to our home, in fact dh was literally drywalling at 3 this morning! Yesterday I had the bright idea to have a cooking day, due to some inclement weather that decided to knock out my internet/satellite and made a few interesting new recipes that I'll share with you this week. One of them, (actually, the tastiest, IMHO!) was an off the cuff use of leftover pumpkin.

I've been aching to decorate for fall/autumn, normally the house is decked out by Labor Day, but with the addition/construction mess- I've held off. Drywall dust has a tendency to cling to everything and is just miserable to clean. It will be lovely to have a much larger dining room though!

Football season is back in full swing (GO KNIGHTS! & GO PATRIOTS!!) and both of our teams took the win this week, JV on Thursday and Varsity on Friday. They were great games, but I wasn't quite ready for football season to be back in full swing.

Oldest ds got his first "real" job at the beginning of the summer and I'm not enjoying the fact that I have to stay up until midnight several nights a week to pick him up from work; but I'm proud of him for his work ethic and sticking it out despite taking all honors classes & having loads of homework.

Between work, running the kids to Football practices and games, their jobs and various afterschool clubs (Beta, Key club, Robotics, etc) I don't know if I'm coming or going! I do apologize if your posts set for more than a few hours on the site, I'm still getting my fall schedule down.

What's happening in your neck of the woods?

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