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Halloween party/costume contest

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This is my third year at my "day" job and I absolutley LOVE it. There are a few people who I could manage without, but for the most part it is a great place to work. :15_8_200v[1]:

Well this also means that this is the third year that I will participating in our annual Halloween costume contest and party. (the best department theme gets to have lunch catered ot out paid for by our company-yum!!)They have done this kinda thing long before I came here and I love to look at the old pictures that they have kept that show all of the themes that the departments do. Ex: Kiss, Village people, Nerds, Deck of cards, Toy Story to say a few.

This year our department has decided to do "thriller". Mind you I cant dance a lick and even if I could - well I havent done those kinds of "moves" in over 20 years. LOL

Our department is meeting at 8 am tomorrow morning (the last day of the month we cant do because its a Friday and alot of people take off- so we want as much participation as possible to make it a success) to do a "last minute" review of the thriller dance and get us all ready to make fools of ourselves. Makeup and hair coloring has been purchased and everyone (we have 12 people in our department who are participating-the other 4 wont be able to) with be "decorating" each others faces tomorrow. I have taken some old cloths and ragged them out. We are all dressing as Zombies with the exception of one girl and one guy - who are acting out the Michael Jackson and girlfriend part.

I feel a little giddie, this is like being a kid again. Although I am not looking forward to going to my night job looking like a Zombie when it isnt even Halloween yet.

Other departments are dressing and doing skits too. We will see who wins...if it is like the past 6 years...our department will win again....

Keeping my fingers crossed..I love FREE lunch!!!

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Sounds like you will have a lot of funny, hope your department does win the free lunch that would just be great. If you do win then it will make going to the evening job dressed like a zombie a whole lot easier
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    What a fun time you have in store...Pictures you will have to post. I miss dressing up for work like that. It was alot of fun--and yes it made you feel like a kid again..You have fun-And I hope your dept. wins the free lunch yummmm.