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The life and mind of Tarrien

A few Updates

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Currently back living with mom and dad, mainly because of the free rent thing. But also for a few other reasons.

Lived in Los Angeles Which was nothing but a money drain. The best you can do there is AVOID EATING OUT, and FIND A STORE WITH GOOD DEALS. They're out there, but you gotta really look and compare. But I'm glad I left because it was very financially and emotionally draining living out there as long as I did. Its amazing how easy it is to get sick of sunny days that are 70 degrees or higher. That and gasoline was up to about 4.98 a gallon.

Went back to Texas only for a short visit. Honestly after living in such a big city, Austin seemed extremely small, and because we were staying with a friend, we weren't always able to go where we wanted... But I'm glad we saw a good friend of ours. She looked so sad though...

And then I ended up back here... Waiting for a convention in late June because a friend and I are going to be helping out with it. Hopefully things will go smoothly. I'm rather excited for it, and I'm hoping that I can make a few dollars there by readings and drawings and maybe even a few crafts.

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Hi Tarrien, long time no see! Have you ever thought of giving the East Coast a Try? I'll warn you, the job situation isn't great, but the cost of living in many areas is pretty reasonable.

    It's funny that you mentioned the weather several of our friends have developed the Flu (& tested positive for it at the docs) over the last few weeks here. It's been in the high 80's/low 90's for weeks. So I guess it really doesn't matter much what the weather is like, we just associate colds/flu with crappy cold weather.

    Do you still have your little ferret?
  2. Tarrien's Avatar
    I haven't yet. But in June/July I'm heading over that way for the convention I mentioned. Going all the way to New Jersey for a few days.

    :c yeah I heard the weather in the Midwest was actually pretty decent before I got back. But then we got a lot of rain and cold spells whenever I came back.

    I don't have her with me, but she's with a good friend of mine in Texas. I can pick her up if I'm in the area and have the car space. I didn't this time, or I would have brought her to Wisconsin with me. My sister has 2 ferrets so it helps, but they're much meaner than mine was and they really don't like being held for very long.