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Happy May Day!

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What a way to bring in a new month, woke bright and early this morn to see all of the horses standing around our very preggo goat, only to discover she FINALLY had her babies during the night. My heart was pounding hoping they wouldn't accidentally step on one of the babies!
After getting her into a stall and putting down fresh bedding, helping her get the babies clean and warm, I finally have a chance to get here on the site and add a few freebies. Sorry, I know I was a few hours late today, lol.

Our Goat "Oreo" with her babies, "Cookies" & "Cream"
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The weekend wasn't quite as eventful, we've hit a snag on installing our own sprinkler system (I swear I'll post a "how-to" ), so we planted a couple pomegranates and a few goji berry bushes. (Farmville's got nuthin' on me!) LOL

Anywho, I need to post a few more items and get back down to the barn to those babies and check on Mama Goat. I hope you all have a great May Day

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  1. dct9000's Avatar
    Would love to see your new babies, so please post a photos as soon as you got time. Yummmm, pomegranates.