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Life among the oranges

April Showers

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Been out of the system for a while. Hubby has finally gotten dates for his back surgery. So have been busy getting him to doc appts and other tests. the docs will be going in from the side to replace the disks that are bad (L2 to L5), then two days later will go in from the back to put "cages" around the spine to stabilize it.

I hope to get new photos of the pineapple, it has gotten big now. The weather has been raining for the last few days and man can we use it. Had wild fires up north of us and the smoke got so bad I had to stay inside.

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    I hope your hubby recovers swiftly! Life seems to come to a screeching halt when someone you love is sick or in pain. We haven't had much for rain (feel free to send it our way!) but it's been pretty chilly.