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Exhausted, but Happy . . .

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I spent the majority of last week on a jobsite with dh, Have I mentioned that I'm not a fan of construction? I'm very banged up, swollen purple knee and with all the scratches and cuts all over my hands and arms it looks like I fought with a wild bobcat, but other than that, I'm doing well. LOL!

We've been wanting to do some massive landscaping for years, but living in a Southern climate, it's not practical to spend time and money on plants unless you have a watering system (or copious amounts of time!). We've been designing our own sprinkler system the past few weeks and are working on installing it shortly. I've ordered several of the necessary components through Amazon.

While working with dh I met a wonderful lady that offered to give me several plants including nandinas and althea trees. The only caveat, I had to dig them up- as they were located in an area that was quite inconvenient for her- directly in front of her air conditioning unit, blocking the air intake.
It took a couple hours of dedicated effort to get them out of the ground in one piece.

We added several palm trees, azaleas, a Japanese red Maple, a few mounding perennials and some edging to separate the lawn/flowerbeds. Some plants just haven't been growing that well so we dug them up and moved them around too. I'm hoping to have a chance to take a few photos later today, we're experiencing thunderstorms at the moment, natures free watering system.

I think I must've called around to 20 places before I found a decent deal on bulk bark mulch to tie it all together.

Today I have a few more plants to get into the ground, some weeds to attack around the fruit trees (we have peaches, apples, cherries, figs and Kiwi trees). I figured rather than playing on farmville, I'd plant my own for Real. LOL

I suppose Time is a-wasting! I hope you're all having a great week

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