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This, that and our new Baby

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I realize that I've been MIA for a few days, sharing very few freebies and recipes, I though I'd share the reason why! In addition to spending time getting the garden ready and adding a few more plants and projects to our already sprawling garden area, I've also been taking care of a baby.

Not just any baby, mind you, a baby squirrel that was brought home by a neighbors dog. This sweet little baby needs to be fed every 5 hours on the dot around the clock and let me tell you, having been out of the baby business for a few years (my guys are teenagers!), it's been a strange adjustment for me.

Over the years I've (mistakenly) followed the advice in books that were written for wildlife rehabilitation only to discover that the advice was quite wrong and more often than not, deadly.
Several of them recommend feeding puppy or kitten replacement formulas (which are toxic, btw) to orphaned animals such as squirrels, rabbits, etc.

What truly works and is a complete Food is whole cows milk that has been scalded with vitamin E added. I'll share more details later, but for now, here is our thriving infant who we've named "Chewy":

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Now, I'm off to work!

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  1. JVallaincrt's Avatar
    Oh he is so very cute! I love his big feet!
  2. ellebelle123's Avatar
    Is Chewy still part of the family?
  3. Liss's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ellebelle123
    Is Chewy still part of the family?
    We had Chewy for a full year, when she matured we decided for her own well being that she'd be better off outside. We transitioned her by bringing her house outside and leaving the door open during the day and letting her come and go as she wanted. When she stopped coming back and the food stopped disappearing we removed the house altogether. We still put out some of her favorite nuts and fruits for her, but now we're feeding 28 squirrels, lol.

    We also installed a small fountain pond so the squirrels all have access to fresh running water, plus it's nice for the landscaping.