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When it Rains, It pours!

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So the last few days we've had some interesting turns of events, from raging storms, potential tornadoes- changes of advertising companies due to rising expenses and lack of income to cover them, which brings us to this Morning, when, at precisely 7.27 am EST, My server was hacked by some fool who was proud enough to put his name on it.

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Luckily we had it up and running within just a couple of hours, no worse for the wear, but at the same time I have to wonder what kind of massive, ego inflated moron would wipe out a frugal blog meant to help people get out of debt or reduce their expenses? I mean, seriously, it's not like I'm a corporation or big partnership- hell, it's not even a mom & pop operation, it's a Mom Operated site. Period.

After finally getting things going again, I decided to get in a decent workout and then grab a bite to eat. Apparently my nerves were still shot because I grabbed a container of yogurt (one of my premeasured bitties) and reached into the freezer for some frozen blueberries, dumped them on top, stuck my spoon in and shoved it into my piehole without so much as glance down. Much to my chagrin, because it was at THAT moment that it dawned on me that I hadn't grabbed the blueberries at all, but instead had dumped frozen chopped broccoli into my yogurt.

Gross. I don't know if it was sheer laziness or desire not to waste food, or what, but I figured, What the hell and ate it anyway. Incidentally, I would NOT recommend it.

I certainly hope your day is going better than mine!

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  1. dct9000's Avatar
    Don't know why people are getting so nuts'o today. Sorry about the yogurt, did you count it as a veggie for the day?
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    dct9000 too funny, have to agree with you though if she ate it all it should surely count as a veggie,
  3. bleedingace's Avatar

    Can you find out who nr_elove is and press charges for them hacking your server? If not I hope their computer is hacked and crashes!!!

    Sounds like some of my days recently. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has those days. However, sorry you had one, but thanks for the laugh.
  4. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Well, it would take more resources than it's worth to track him/her down. We generally get hit at least once per year, so with any luck, we've already passed our bad luck for this year

    It was frustrating, but what can you do, you just have to make another mug of coffee and reset everything.