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Life among the oranges

New Week

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Starting a new week and even the weather agree to behave. Last week-end was a bugger bear, DBIL is in an Orlando Hospital after having a mild heart attack. He is okay kinda sorta of. He is having a stress test today, so we will take things a day at a time. The drive up was ruff, had a lot of fog on I-4, everyone was driving 90 mph some didn't even have their headlights on. Guess they thought that since they could see (it was 7AM) didn't need them, sorry to rant just a pet peeve.

FYI - I gave some information about starting a pineapple in my album next to the last photo.

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your DBIL! Hopefully he is doing better and will bounce back quickly. I-4 is a scary highway, people will do a hundred with zero visibility, dart in and out of traffic. I always feel like we're taking chances on our lives every time we travel it!

    Great shots on your pineapple plant, btw! It's growing so nicely
  2. dct9000's Avatar
    Thank you. We are just waiting to see what the Doc's have to say about him. That is the hardest part for me, the waiting.