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Life among the oranges

Yard Full of Sheets

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My yard looks like my washer exploded. Yep, we got the last cold snap of the year I hope, so I covered my plants up with some old sheets kept just for this purpose. Mostly I was worried about the pineapple and the figs. Of course the carrots, onions, & bok-choy can handle most of the cold we get. As I kiss DH bye for work, did notice that we had a light frosting of frost in the ditches so it was good that I covered everything.

Hope everyone had a good week-end. We had an excellent talk Sunday about "What is your Standing with God". The Speaker brought out 4 examples taken from Hebrews 11.
Able, Enoch, Abraham & Sarah, and Moses.

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Pineapples and Figs? Well Not sure where you are but know you sure aren't in my neighborhood! So many great things in the scriptures to pull from! Love when you get that Sunday message that clicks and you are able to ponder it all week long! Hope your "yard sale" look goes away real soon!
  2. dct9000's Avatar
    I'm down in Florida. Yep, got all the sheets put up for now. We might get one more cold snap by the end of this month.