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My Potato Deal !!!!

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So I am new to this site but I am going to do my best.

I live in Jacksonville Florida. The cost of living here is much more than I am used to I am originally from Western Kentucky.

So I am always and forever trying to find the best deal. I shop at multiple stores and always try my hardest to get the most bang for my buck.

I usually go grocery shopping twice per month (those are handsome's pay day's).

I try my best to NEVER run out of items that would make me have to go the grocery for 1
or 2 items. I have found out the hard way that that ends up costing so much more !!!

So the last time we went grocery shopping on the 15th we went to all the usual places.

Sam's Club, Save Rite, Wal-Mart, & Save-A-Lot.

I always get my canned goods at save a lot since they are on average 40% cheaper there, that's always my last stop.

So at Save-A-Lot I walk in the store and see 5 pound bags of russett potatoes for $1.00!!!

That is a huge deal here !!! 10 pounds is normally $6.00 !!! So I went out back to the truck told handsome about the deal and we ended up with 150 pound of potatoes !!!!

I have already made homemade tatertots (Thanks to this site for the recipe) and hash browns with them. I still have about 70 pounds left to put up. So if any one has any suggestions on what I can do with the rest please let me know !!!!

Be Blessed !!!!

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